The tagline is a small but crucial part of business branding. Making an effective tagline is simple if you follow these three rules

  • Rule #1 Simple
  • Rule #2 Easy
  • Rule #3 Sweet
DigiPixInc Case Study shammys auto tagline
Shammy’s Auto logo with tagline.

We considered many taglines for Shammy’s Auto and asked how long they were planning on staying in the detailing business. Here are some taglines we considered:

  • Premium Car Wash
  • The Car Wash Experience
  • Ultimate Wash
  • Ultimate Shine
  • Ultimate Car Wash & Detailing
  • Car Wash’s Destination
  • Great Car Wash, Done!
  • Detailing Made Simple
  • Detailing Made Easy
  • Advanced Car Wash
  • Crystal Clear Wash

We also delivered branding, photography, video and technology advice for Shammy’s Auto.

DigiPixInc Case Study shammys auto tagline
New logo with updated tagline

Since the business growth was also a factor, we needed more than washing and detailing. While editing the tagline, we shouted “It’s time to shine!” as an idea. After running the tagling through family, friends and co-workers, everyone liked it. It is simple, concise and powerful. Plus you can add onto it as the business grows.

We changed the tagline on the finalized logo and Shammy was thrilled with how it turned out.

DigiPixInc Case Study shammys auto tagline
New logo with old tagline

final tagline for Shammy’s Auto

Written By: Khurram Qureshi
Director and web consultant of DigiPix Inc.

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