3D Scanning Services

We create accurate 3D scans of any item, using advanced technology to aid in developing new products and preserving historical structures.

Our innovative 3D scanning solutions enhance productivity, streamline your workflow, and bring your creations to life with unparalleled detail and accuracy. Transform your projects with our state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology today!

Why Choose Us for Your Toronto 3D Scanning Project?

When it comes to 3D scanning in Toronto, we're the best choice for several reasons:

Experienced and Certified Professionals

Our team comprises experts with years of experience in 3D scanning. They hold the necessary certifications to ensure top-notch service. You can trust that your project is in good hands.

Advanced Scanning Equipment

We use the latest 3D scanners to capture high-resolution, accurate data, which helps us deliver precise and reliable results every time.

Tailored Solutions

We know that every project is unique. That’s why we offer customized scanning solutions to meet your specific needs. We've got you covered for a small object or a large structure.

Streamlined Workflow

Our process is designed to be efficient and smooth, which means faster turnaround times for your projects. We work quickly without compromising quality, so you get your results sooner.

Data Security and Confidentiality

We take the security and confidentiality of your data very seriously. You can be confident that your scanned information is safe with us, and we handle all data with the utmost care.

Choosing us means choosing quality, efficiency, and peace of mind for your 3D scanning projects in Toronto.

What Our 3D Scanning Services Include

Our 3D scanning services stand out because we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. Here's what makes our services different:

On-Site Scanning

We make it easy by coming to your location to scan objects. There is no need to move anything; we bring our equipment and expertise right to you.

3D Data Capture

We capture high-precision 3D data, no matter the size or complexity of the object. From tiny components to large structures, we ensure accurate results.

Data Processing and Cleaning

After capturing the data, we optimize and clean it for you. This means removing any errors or noise so the data is ready for use in your projects.

3D Mesh Generation

We create high-quality 3D models from the scanned data. These precise models can be used for various applications, such as design, analysis, or production.

File Export

We export the scanned data in multiple formats to suit your needs. Whether you need STL, OBJ, or another format, we ensure the files are compatible with your systems.

Our 3D Scanning Process

We follow a detailed and thorough process to ensure you get the best results from our 3D scanning services. Here's how we work:

Project Consultation

We start by discussing your project goals, the size of the object, and the level of detail you need. This helps us understand your requirements and plan the best approach.

On-Site Setup and Preparation

Our team will come to your location and set up the scanning environment. We prepare everything needed to ensure a smooth and efficient scanning process.

3D Data Capture

Using the right 3D scanner for your project, we capture precise data of the object. This step is crucial for getting accurate and detailed results.

Data Quality Control

We check the scanned data for accuracy and completeness. This ensures that the data is reliable and meets your project's needs.

Data Processing and Cleaning

After capturing the data, we clean and optimize it. This step removes errors or noise, preparing the data for further use.

3D Mesh Generation

We convert the cleaned data into a usable 3D model. This model can be used for various applications, from design to analysis.

Delivery of Final Files

Finally, we provide the processed 3D data in the format you need. We ensure you get the files ready for your next steps, whether it's STL, OBJ, or another format.

Applications of 3D Scanning: Transforming Industries

3D scanning is a powerful tool that is changing how many industries operate. Here’s how it can be applied to various fields:

Product Design and Development

Due to its precise measurements, 3D scanning is useful for reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, and product innovation. It helps designers and engineers develop new products quickly and accurately.

Architecture and Construction

3D scanning creates precise, as-built models for design and construction. Project planning and management are more efficient with BIM workflows supported by this technology.

Quality Control and Inspection

For quality control and inspection, 3D scanning helps identify defects and deviations in parts. This ensures products meet high standards and reduces errors in manufacturing processes.

Cultural Heritage Preservation

3D scanning is invaluable for preserving cultural heritage. It preserves historical artifacts and artworks for future generations without degradation.

Medical and Healthcare

Medical professionals use 3D scanning to manufacture personalized prostheses, implants, and surgical models. This technology improves the accuracy and effectiveness of medical treatments and devices.

 3D Printing

3D scanning generates high-quality models that can be used for 3D printing. This replicates everything exactly, expanding manufacturing and production options. 3D scanning in various industries may improve accuracy, efficiency, and originality, transforming how we work and create.

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Our 3D scanning services offer precise and efficient solutions across various industries. Our modern technologies ensure accurate product design, quality control, architecture, and cultural heritage conservation. We personalize solutions to your project demands, assuring data security and fast response.

Ready to transform your project with our innovative 3D scanning technology? Contact Digipix for a personalized consultation and discover how we can help you achieve your goals.


What types of objects can be 3D-scanned? 

We can scan various objects, from small, intricate details to large structures. During the consultation, we can discuss the suitability of 3D scanning for your specific object.

What is the accuracy of your 3D scans?

The accuracy of our scans depends on the technology used and the object's complexity. We discuss accuracy expectations during the consultation.

How long does the 3D scanning process take? 

The time frame varies based on the object's size and complexity. We'll provide an estimated timeframe during the consultation.

What technology is used in 3D scanning?

We use modern 3D scanning equipment and software to capture high-resolution data and create detailed 3D models.

What industries can benefit from 3D scanning?

Architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and healthcare industries can enjoy 3D scanning for accurate data and improved project outcomes.