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At the cutting edge of innovation, DigiPix stands as a hallmark of 3D expertise in Toronto. From conception to realization, we shape ideas into tangible, mesmerizing 3D forms. Visualize ideas with 3D animation services and materialize them with 3D printing services.

DigiPix 3D Services specializes in providing cutting-edge three-dimensional solutions for a wide range of industries. Our team of experienced professionals utilizes state-of-the-art technology to deliver high-quality and innovative results. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving field of 3D, we are dedicated to meeting the unique needs and surpassing the expectations of our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive suite of 3D services.

Businesses today have moved to modern photorealistic animations. Advances in technology and mobile development have made 3D services more appealing and hands-on. 3D models deliver a better understanding of the concept in a 3D space.

Head our way if you are looking for comprehensive 3D solutions. DigiPix merges artistry with precision, delivering 3D products that stand out and resonate.

Best 3D Design & Animation Services in Canada

Toronto's market competition demands unparalleled 3D design and animation skills. DigiPix responds with unmatched prowess. With years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, our team crafts designs, and animations that captivate, inform, and inspire.

The growing trend words the use of 3D animation and design stems from the realisation that graphics and modelling can show designs. They can demonstrate proposed models, product design and meticulous procedures otherwise unseen. 3D animations are used in presentations, trade shows and anywhere a visual demonstration is helpful.

DigiPix prides itself as a pioneer of 3D animation and design services in Toronto. The process begins with conceptualization based on the client's requirements. This guides design and development with advanced tools and software.

3D animation services include post-production editing to achieve polished results. This refinement stage is crucial for customer satisfaction. We promise on-time delivery complemented by robust post-completion support.

DigiPix Inc. 3D Production Services List

DigiPix Inc. provides comprehensive solutions for your 3D needs. Our services include:

3D Modeling:

We craft intricate designs from scratch, ensuring every detail embodies perfection. The 3D models deliver detailed and accurate representations to encapsulate your vision.

3D Animation:

Bring 3D models to life with smooth, impactful animations that convey your message. DigiPix creates dynamic and immersive animations to communicate product designs and service offerings.

3D Printing:

Turn your digital models into tangible, high-quality prototypes or products. DigiPix 3D printing service promises superior quality and precision.

Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) Development:

With DigiPix Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) services, create immersive experiences that transcend the ordinary. Get our virtual and augmented reality experiences to redefine interaction with your customers.

Industrial 3D Animation:

Showcase complex processes and machinery with precise and engaging animations with DigiPix services. Industrial 3D visualization creates detailed visual narratives. They streamline understanding and engagement.

What Makes Us the Best 3D Services Company

DigiPix 3D service provides high-quality prints. We use the latest printing technology combined with premium materials and expert supervision. Our 3D services cater to businesses of all scales, ensuring everyone can harness the power of 3D.

The DigiPix Difference

  • Precision & Detail: Our 3D prints embody perfection down to the micro-level. Hence, we can assure accuracy and quality.
  • Innovative Approach: We stay ahead of the curve, incorporating the latest 3D printing technologies and methods.
  • Skilled Professionals: Our team comprises of seasoned 3D designers, animators, and engineers. We are passionate about our craft.
  • Client-Centric Focus: Your vision is our mission. We prioritize client specifications, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way.

Process of Industrial 3D Animation

Industrial 3D Animation has the power to make complex industrial processes look captivating. This also includes industrial 3D product animation services for industrial tools and machinery.

3D animation can be tailored to fit a variety of industries. These range from healthcare to manufacturing, making complex concepts more accessible and engaging. Here are the steps involved in industrial 3D animation services:

  • Consultation: At stage one, we grasp the intricacies of your industrial process or machinery.
  • Storyboarding: Next, we plan the animation flow to ensure a coherent, engaging narrative.
  • 3D Modeling: This is a crucial stage. Our team creates accurate models of the industrial components involved.
  • Animation: Once the models are ready, we inject movement and life into them. This turns static models into dynamic animations.
  • Post-production: We share the animations with the client for feedback. The 3D animation is then refined, edited and enhanced to deliver a polished final product.


What is 3D modeling services?
3D modeling involves the creation of a three-dimensional representation of objects or structures. Using specialized software, expert designers digitally craft detailed and accurate models. These are used in a myriad of industries, from architecture to entertainment. At DigiPix, our 3D modeling services transform abstract concepts into tangible digital realities. They aid in visualization, prototyping, and final product development.
What is the difference between 3D design and 3D modelling?
3D design and 3D modeling, while closely related, serve distinct functions in the digital creation process. 3D design is a broader concept. It encompasses the overall vision, planning, and conceptualization of a three-dimensional project. 3D design has a holistic approach to creating in a 3D space. On the other hand, 3D modeling is the specific process of building a digital object within that design. The model is built point by point, using specialized software. Think of 3D design as the blueprint and 3D modeling as the construction process.
What are the basics of 3D modeling?
3D modeling is grounded in the creation of vertices, edges, and faces in a three-dimensional space. Using software tools, modelers shape and manipulate these elements to craft detailed structures. The basics also include understanding: - Meshes: The collection of vertices, edges, and faces that form the 3D object. - Textures: Digital 'skins' applied to give the model color, detail, and realism. - Lighting: Enhancing the model's appearance and creating shadows and highlights. - Rigging and Animation: Assigning a digital 'skeleton' for movement. - Rendering: The final process where the 3D model is converted into a 2D image or video. At DigiPix, our Toronto-based team is adept at these fundamentals. Hence, every 3D modeling project is executed with precision and expertise.
What are 3D designers called?
3D designers usually have specific titles based on their specialized skills or industry. Common titles include 3D Modelers, 3D Artists, or CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) Artists. In some specialized sectors, like gaming, they are called Game Artists or Character Modelers. At DigiPix Toronto, our talented 3D designers wear many hats. This reflects their diverse skills and expertise in crafting exceptional three-dimensional masterpieces.

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