Internet Marketing

Once you have a website, you market it with your products and services on the internet. This includes making search engine friendly pages and optimizing it in a way that your site appears in the first ten search results by Google or any other search engine. 71% of marketers say conversion rates from video outperform their other marketing content.

The more hits you get on your site, the better chance it will reach the masses. You can also run different campaigns on the internet to boost your sales revenue. Social media marketing is an essential part of creating sales online. On the web, it is important to market your products and services to increase website traffic. With the help of connectivity between people, social networking enables you to market your products so that they reach out to new customers.

DigiPix Inc. offers a complete range of internet marketing techniques and strategies. Our experts guide you through the marketing projects with the strategies and plans that best suit your business and products. Please contact us to find out more about how we can help you build an effective marketing plan.

Internet Marketing Services

DigiPix provides a full selection of up to the minute internet marketing services designed to lure targeted traffic to your site. Our professional and experienced team deals with each customer individually and provide you with solutions according to your particular need. It is our peer-to-peer approach which makes us your internet marketing partner, not just a service provider.

Content Marketing Services

At DigiPix we help our clients with a range of online marketing needs, such as content creation, content promotion, search engine marketing, web analytics, website management, social media management, email marketing, paid search campaigns, and more. This includes scheduled social media posting and ghost blog writing. 52% of marketers say video delivers better ROI than any other type of content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

We are unique as an SEO company in the capacity of being able to audit, craft strategy, execute SEO campaigns, and provide transparent reporting, all in house and tailored for your business objectives. A wide breadth of SEO services are offered for both marketers seeking a partner to launch or support the whole non-paid search channel.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Every marketer has been saying that you should “join the conversation”, but what does that really mean? What are people talking about? As long as you are out of the conversation, your point of view is not represented. Be the first to know what is said about your company and brand. The advent of the internet, with social media and the web now means that customers are empowered to take control of a brand.

Email Marketing Services

In this era of computers and online marketing, the head of departments uses their email inbox as much as they use their social media accounts. We provide the client with email marketing to make their business vast in every way possible, online or offline.

Check DigiPix Portfolios

Web Design Portfolio

Custom website designs with fast easier to use, responsive, adaptive and OADA compliance

Video Portfolio

Tell your story with a professional video that inspires people to share it with the world

Photography Portfolio

Let the good photo do it’s job by defining your product online or shocase your portrait

3D Animation

Our 3D animation utilizes 4K technology to deliver a crisp quality to showcase photorealistic animations