1Can only website design enough for traffic to my site?
No, after website design business need digital marketing in form of SEO, PPC, Google adwords and Social Media. All those elements can help you get more traffic on your website, but core element remains the same which is quality website design and compatible for search engines. If website is not properly design, optimize for all browsers and mobile devices than you may encounter problems running the campaigns successfully and bring good traffic on your site.
2Mobile video vs professional video production?
It is not recommended taking video from mobile and post on website directly. Professional video holds lot of value in return vs mobile video. Proper video production adds quality image, stable shots on tripod, good sound, music and professional titles. All of this makes watching video experience better.
3Cell phone photos vs professional photos?
Yes, you can take cell phone pictures but there is no depth into it. Therefore the images look flat and sometimes grainy. Hiring a professional photographer can create your image lot better and enhance the quality of your website as well as business image.
4How long does it take to transfer the domain and create new emails?
Usually it takes 24 to 72 hours for domain to fully transfer and DNS to update on all servers world wide. After that we can be able to make emails for you.
5My domain is with other company, how can I transfer to DigiPix?
It is our job to make the transfer. Once you become client of ours, we can make official request to get the domain and content from previous hosting, design and website developer.
6Can we take pictures from Google Images?
No, it is very wrong practice by many design companies. At DigiPix Inc. we take professional measure by using stock photos for our clients. If you need any image which is not available in our stock library than DigiPix can arrange photography for your product or service.
7Don’t have website content, what to do now?
We can help you write the content. Just tell us what to do in some points and we can write it in words. Most of the time this works, however for those clients who are extremely busy we have professional content writer who can write your website content.
8One page vs multiple page website design?
The difference is simple. If you are not going to update/upgrade your website/business than one page design is good. Otherwise multiple pages can give you better tracking, marketing and sharing vs single page design.
9Template vs custom website design?
At DigiPix Inc. all designs are custom. Best example of this is buying clothing from Walmart vs custom tailor. We study and research each client before start working on it their website.
10Does DigiPix design only one type of websites?
No, we design websites for all range of customers. From restaurants to auto detailing, medical equipment, E-commerce and educational websites. We cater all clients with equal attention.
11Why meetings are necessary vs email approval?
Initial meetings are necessary to pick the client’s concept, write notes, ask questions and show wireframe on computer. Different businesses have different needs and each client is unique. Therefore meeting one on one can enhance the chances of delivering accurate results fast.
12Will I be involved in design process?
Absolutely yes. We do not make any changes without showing it to client first. Involving client all along in design process is one of our specialty.
13Difference between responsive and mobile website?
Responsive site is better version of mobile site. Website transforms it’s shape based on the device user using at particular moment at particular resolution. For example early iPad had lower resolution same size vs latest iPad retina with higher resolution same size.
14Will my website be Mobile friendly?
Yes, all websites designed by DigiPix Inc. are mobile friendly and responsive.
15Why it takes so long in design the website?
Those clients who do not have any content for web takes longer because of educational curve. Client needs to understand that content is not enough, we need to have site map plan, pictures, vidoes as well as how it will look on desktop and mobile devices.
16Can my website be ready in 2 weeks?
Realistic answer is maybe, because it depends how much time you give to us for content creation and approval. If you have no content, it takes time also we need to consider site plan, research and show you few static mockups before getting into design and development of website.