DigiPix FAQs

Find answers to all common questions (FAQs) about our services. We Covered all faqs about Web Design & Development, Video Production, 3D and Digital Marketing Services in our FAQs segment.

1Is having only a website enough to get traffic to my site?
No. Having a good website is just the beginning. In order to get people to visit or “hit” your website, you are going to need Digital Marketing Services. Utilizing all the elements will help you get more traffic to your website, but the core elements of a quality website are the design and the site’s compatibility with a variety of search engines. If your website is not properly designed - being optimized for all browsers and mobile devices - your site may encounter problems reducing the campaign’s success in bringing good traffic to your site.
2What is the difference between Mobile videos and Professional video production?
While videos taken on a mobile or cell phone may be fun most do not have the quality that professionally taken videos would have, especially to upload to your website. Professionally taken videos have more value than mobile videos in that they are usually of a higher image quality because the footage is taken using an actual video camera on a tripod which provides higher quality imagery and more stable shots. Microphones and bug-mics are used to provide better sound quality and music tracks are added as part of the background through mixing board programs and finally, the titles are added through the video production process. All these elements make for a better video experience.
3What is the difference between Cell phone photos and professional photos?
While you can use images taken on a cell phone on your website, photos taken on a cell phone or mobile usually lack depth. Therefore, the images often look flat and grainy. A professional photographer knows how his/her camera works and can get the best images out of it, to provide depth and high resolution. Good pictures translate an air of professionalism which boosts your business’s image.
4How long does it take to transfer a domain name and create new email accounts?
Once everything is in place, it usually takes anywhere from 24 to 72 hours for your domain to fully transfer and the Domain Name System (DNS) to update on all servers worldwide. Once your website’s URL or Domaine Name has been updated on DNS servers, emails can be setup within 24 hours.
5My website is currently hosted by another company, how can I transfer it to DigiPix?
It is our job to make the transfer. As you have decided to have your website hosted on our servers as opposed to your previous host’s servers, we will make contact with them and make an official request to have your domain name, and the website’s content transferred to us.
6Can I use images from Google on my website?
While you can, it is not recommended as images shown on Google may be or probably are copyrighted, meaning someone owns them. You should not use them unless you get permission from the owner which they could a) charge you a lot of money for or b) outright deny. If you go ahead and use an image from Google anyway, you could find yourself on the end of a very expensive lawsuit for copyright infringement. At DigiPix Inc., we have access to high quality images through two routes: 1) we have access through online stock image libraries that we subscribe to, and 2) as professional photographers ourselves, we can take high quality photos for your website.
7How do I create content for my website? I do not know what to write.
Just tell us the important details you had like people to know about your business and its products or services and we will put that information into words for you. For clients who are extremely busy or not able to put together coherent content due to possible language barriers, DigiPix Inc. employs a variety of professional website content writers who can help you write the content or will write all the content for you themselves.
8What is the difference between a one-page website vs. a multi-page website?
The difference is simple. A one-page website utilizes only 1 page of information. A multi-page website utilizes two or more pages of information. If you are not going to update/upgrade your website on a regular basis and your business’s products and services are very simple and limited, then a one-page design could meet your needs. If there are a variety of aspects to your business (a whole list of products and/or services) and you have a good story to tell, a multi-page website would probably be better.
9Will my site be created using a template or will it be custom designed?
At DigiPix Inc. all our website designs are custom. We do FAQs session with each client before starting work on their website to ensure we produce a website that matches or compliments your business’s current marketing theme or style.
10Does DigiPix Inc. design only one type of website?
No. At DigiPix Inc. we design websites for a wide range of customers. From restaurants to auto detailing, medical equipment to educational websites we do them all. If you need a website that allows you to sell your products, we create E-commerce websites as well. We cater to all our clients with equal attention.
11Why are in-person meetings preferred to doing everything through email?
Initial meetings are necessary to discuss with the client a variety of concepts and to chose which one they’d like. Questions will be asked; notes will be written. Meeting one-on-one increases the delivery of accurate results quicker.
12Will I be involved in the design of my website?
Yes! Absolutely. We want each of our clients to be involved in the process of designing their website. We’ll do the designing and present the design of the site to you for review as we go along to ensure that you get a website that effectively and professionally presents your brand.
13What is the difference between a responsive website and a mobile website?
A responsive website is a better version of a mobile website. Responsive websites transform their shape and size based on the device being used no matter whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile/cell phone. Mobile websites are designed to appear properly only on mobile devices.
14Will my website be Mobile friendly?
Yes, all websites designed by DigiPix Inc. are mobile friendly and responsive.
15Why does it take so long to design a website?
There are many aspects to building a website. It’s more complex than it looks. At DigiPix, we’re experts in putting together the site plan of which content, images and video all play a part. It takes time to plan the site, write the website’s content, choose or produce the proper images and videos and code the site to be a responsive site. It also depends on how much content each client wants their website to have. Due to FAQs, we make sure your site looks professional, works properly and that the content is accurate at the time of its launch. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither should your website be.