Tips Advice

Turn off your computer when you’re done using it
If your system is hooked-up to a network, when you’re done working on your computer or it’s the end of the day, log-off the network and shut down/turn off your computer. If you’re in the process of uploading or downloading files or the computer is updating, leave it running. Otherwise, it is best to turn your computer off. If your computer is connected to the internet (if you can visit websites, then it is) software can be uploaded without you knowing about it. Conversely, your computer could also be hacked while you’ve left it on and unattended. While the World Wide Web (www) is a wonderful place, surfing the web or internet has its risks. If you’d like to protect your computer, installing anti-piracy and anti-hacking software is also highly suggested.
Images for your website
Never download or copy images from Google Images or other stock image sites without paying for them or getting prior approval from the site’s owner/webmaster. Most images and illustrations on the web/internet have been copyrighted by their original owner and your unauthorized use of the image(s) can result in a very expensive and lengthy lawsuit. Either create your own images or purchase images from stock image sites. There are many stock image sites on the internet to choose from and usually, their rates for the use of an image are affordable. What’s more, there are also websites that offer the free use of images but there may be conditions attached to that free use.
Password protection
Longer passwords utilizing symbols (which can be found on your keyboard on the keys with numbers: @ # $ % ^ & * for example) will help increase the security of your accounts like your email account and favorite website logins. If possible, it is suggested that you change all of your passwords at least once a year.
Writing website content
Having content on your website is essential. Never copy content from other websites and import it into your own site as words – content – can be copyrighted too. Either write the content yourself or have someone, like DigiPix, create it for you. Every business is unique. Your website should be unique too.
Choosing the right image
Choosing the right images for your website can be tough. Often, there are so many images to choose from it becomes difficult to choose. And occasionally, you won’t be able to find the right one(s) either. That’s where DigiPix comes in. We have authorized access to image sites and can work with you to choose the right ones for your site. If you do find images through stock-image sites, when you save it or download it, make sure the resolution of the image is not too high as very high-res images can take a long time to load on a computer, especially on a mobile device.