Turn off your computer when go home

Always log out and turn off your computer before going home. Unless uploading something on cloud system like Dropbox.com or Google Drive, it is best practice to shut down your computer before going home.

Images for website

Never download and post photos on your site from Google Images. All photos and illustrations are copyright by the original owner and must not be copied without paying them or written permission.

Password protection

Longer passwords with different signs above numbers like @#$%^&* can help increase security for your emails, site access and logins.

Writing website content

Website content is essential element for your site. Never copy from other websites and try to add into yours. Spend time or resources to write genuine content for your site.

Choosing the right image

Make right choice by picking up suitable images for your website. Do not use too much of a big size of image since it loads slowly on mobile devices with cellular networks. Optimize them to fit best for desktop and mobile simultaneously.