Video Post Production Services - Canada 2024

Digipix has been a leading provider of video post-production in the GTA for almost 20 years. We specialize in transforming raw footage into polished videos. Our video editing agency offers the perfect blend of expertise and creativity.

Transforming Your Videos with Post-Production Editing

Editing plays a crucial role in the area of video production services. We assemble footage using the latest software to create a cohesive and engaging final product. 

Advanced Video Editing for Compelling Storytelling

Storytelling and video production are inseparable. Video editing creates a narrative that takes your viewers on an emotional journey. We use basic cuts or complex transitions as required to keep viewers engaged. Our careful selection of shots creates a seamless flow that conveys your message.

Professional Color Grading and Correction Techniques

The aesthetic feel of your video relies on color grading and correction. Our professional colorists manipulate the color palette of each scene. They saturate colors, add filters, or improve the lighting to convey your intended atmosphere.

Leading Visual Effects and Motion Graphics Services

Visual impact pulls customers in. Using VFX and motion graphics DigiPix creates photoreal imagery to make dynamic videos. The moving animation stands out in the competitive media landscape.

Creating Stunning Visuals with State-of-the-Art VFX

Our VFX services save you the cost of building sets. We realistically integrate live-action footage with digitally-generated imagery. Our team uses tools like green screen shooting, CGI, 3D modeling, and compositing. 

Engaging Motion Graphics for Dynamic Video Content

Motion graphics add an engaging and dynamic element to video content. Our team creates custom animations and graphic designs to captivate your audience. We animate logos and create infographics and text animations in motion graphics to enhance the narrative of your video.

High-Quality Sound Design and Audio Post Production

Sound design and audio post production are crucial for creating a complete and immersive video experience. Our team works to make clear, crisp, and well-balanced audio. We ensure that your video sounds as good as it looks.

High-Quality Sound Design and Audio Post Production

Sound design and audio post production are crucial for a complete and immersive video experience. Our team works to make clear, crisp, and well-balanced audio. We ensure that your video sounds as good as it looks.

Expert Audio Editing for Crystal Clear Sound

Our expert audio editing services focus on delivering crystal-clear sound. We work hard to edit and mix dialogues, background noises, and other audio elements. This makes the audio and video clear and consistent.

This process involves noise reduction and audio enhancement. We sync the sound perfectly with the visuals.

Custom Music Scoring and Sound Effects for Enhanced Impact

Music and sound effects add depth and emotion to any video. Our composers and sound designers can create original scores and soundscapes. They align subtle background music or dramatic sound effects with the mood and pace of the video.

Why Choose DigiPix Video Post Production Team in Toronto

Selecting our services promises a team that understands the nuances of video composition. We transform footage into polished, professional videos with visually stunning narratives.

DigiPix prides itself on a solid team of video editors, backed by premium software and gear. Professional post production services realize the full potential of your video project.

Skilled Professionals with a Passion for Video Excellence

Our experienced professionals possess a unique blend of artistic talent and technical expertise. We handle each project with the utmost care and precision. The team’s expertise complemented by futuristic technology helps achieve superior results.

Latest Technology for Superior Results

Our studio is equipped with the latest tools and software for video post production. This enables us to tackle the most complex editing, color grading, visual effects, and sound design tasks.

Portfolio of Post-Production Projects

Our diverse portfolio is a testament to our high-end skills and creative capabilities. Explore our projects ranging from corporate videos to commercial events.

Contact Us for Post Production Video Services

Are you looking to refine a video, or need post-production services for a large-scale project? DigiPix provides a seamless, collaborative experience from start to finish. 

Our team offers custom video post-production solutions. Please reach out to us with your project details. Shoot us an email, phone call, or send a message on our website.

What is video post-production?

Post-production is the last stage of creating a video. It involves adding finishing touches to the film. It involves professionals such as sound mixers, voiceover artists, editors, and color graders.

How long does video post-production take?

The duration of video post-production depends on the complexity of the project, the footage length and the services needed. These services include editing, color correction, and special effects. Simple projects take a few days, while more intricate productions take some weeks. We discuss the project's scope, timeline, and expectations upfront for an accurate estimate.

What is the difference between color grading and color correction?

The color correction process adjusts and standardizes colors for consistency throughout the video. It involves fixing exposure, white balance, and contrast to make all shots look uniform.

Color grading is the creative process of enhancing the visual tone and mood of the video. It involves applying color filters and styles to evoke specific emotions or atmospheres. It contributes to the storytelling and aesthetic appeal of the video.

Can you add special effects or animations in post-production?

Yes! We can add special effects and animations like graphic overlays, animated characters, or visual effects. Video post-production services can bring your creative vision to life. Discuss your ideas with our post-production team for the best results.

What is the Process for Corporate Video Production?

The corporate video production process starts with a consultation. The teams learn about your business objectives and target audience. This is followed by concept development, scriptwriting, planning, and filming.

In the final post-production stage, we edit the footage for color correction and graphics. Throughout the process, our team collaborates closely with clients.