Founded in May 2006 & custom logo was designed

Founded in 2006, DigiPix Inc. has firmly established itself as a leading entity in the post-production realm. Our journey began with a singular focus on transforming pixels into pictures and motion pictures, an ethos that resonated in our original tagline. Over the years, our passion for perfection and commitment to quality has led us to diversify our portfolio, growing from a specialized post-production firm to a versatile powerhouse offering over two dozen services today.

DigiPix Inc. was conceived with the mission to elevate visual storytelling through exceptional post-production work. We initially made our mark by providing unparalleled expertise in crafting immaculate, compelling visuals for our clients. We recognized that every pixel mattered, that each one had the potential to be part of a masterpiece.

As our expertise and our reputation grew, so did our suite of services. Today, DigiPix Inc. offers a plethora of services in the digital landscape, spanning from video editing, color grading, VFX, CGI, and website design, to animation, digital marketing and AR/VR solutions. Despite the evolution, our mission remains unaltered: to deliver visually stunning, emotionally impactful content that tells a story worth remembering.

Our new tagline, "Passion for Perfection," and logo encapsulates the spirit of our evolution. It is more than just a slogan; it is a reflection of our ethos, our relentless pursuit of excellence, and our commitment to always delivering beyond expectations. This tagline and logo communicates our unwavering dedication to providing our clients with perfection in every project, every pixel, every time.

Throughout the years, the DigiPix logo has remained a constant, an embodiment of our lasting commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. It serves as a beacon reminding us of our roots, our journey, and our consistent drive for excellence.

The DigiPix Inc. story is one of constant evolution, driven by a steadfast commitment to excellence and a passion for perfection. As we look to the future, we continue to innovate, evolve, and expand our horizons, always striving to deliver the highest quality of service to our clients.

DigiPix Logo


DigiPix Inc. Logo