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DigiPixInc-Video-Photography It’s all about marketing your product and/or services. The visual medium is important to set the tone of what your company represents. Whether it be a catalogue design, business website or personal occasion, video and photography are an essential part of establishing what customers think about when they see your company. We provide you with full HD video recording as well as state of the art equipment plus 4k cameras as well. Recently our company has created successful videos for Don Valley North Lexus, Don Valley North Toyota Scion, GP Bikes, Ajax Pickering Board of Trade and the Town of Oakville by making promotions that included cars, motorcycles, celebratory and educational video. To serve our tech-savy clients we have a range of editing software supporting both Mac and PC users. All computers are networked with NAS (Network Attached Storage) for rapid editing on multiple computers. We upgrade our equipment regularly to keep up with the latest software and technology.

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Video Production & Post Production

Having a collection of videos shows that you are in touch with the ever growing trend of visual promotion. 92% of B2B companies plan to use video in marketing in 2016 & beyond. Multiple commercials, skits and testimonials display the commitment to what your company is all about. With your input, we create effective and professional videos that grab your customers with information and visual flare. Click here to check our video portfolio.

Professional Photography

Pictures are timeless regardless of their format. At DigiPix, we believe that a collection of images can express the goals of your company. By having a portfolio of these pictures, you can capture the personality of your business using past projects and endeavors to give your company history and legacy. With the latest photo editing software, we ensure that your memories and past projects are displayed with quality and competence. Click here to check our photography portfolio.

HD Videos/Photographs

When promoting a movie, the most important advertising is the trailer. Why not have a trailer to promote your company? Customers are looking for a compact and concise summary of who you are and what you are doing. DigiPix is able to generate montages of photos, videos and special graphics to create a story about you that your customers will latch onto.

Corporate Video Production

It is always important for us to have the optimal level of professionalism and creativity. Combining your brand style and image with our cinematic and broadcast quality, we create memorable and meaningful business videos, portraying your company’s key features. Audiences are 10x more likely to engage with video than blogs. Click here to check our video portfolio.

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