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After the branding of Shammy’s Auto was done, it was time to make a website. Shammy Bhagaloo has a high standard for business and he said he wanted the best website in the industry. At DigiPix, we always think outside the box. Now was a test with a premium client and high expectations.

First, we started running the data through our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) department. The higher traffic auto sites in Canada and U.S. sometimes aren’t even optimized for the newest tools in the web industry. After careful discussion with our design team and website developers, we came to the realization that the client has a lot of input into the design of the website which can affect its final numbers in a search engine like Google.

The old Shammy’s website was plain and simple. However, it had broken links, badly optimized images, pour site flow and loading speed. We have to scrap the old website and start from scratch.

Our design team began work on the concept and flow of the site. However, the SEO manager wanted to have lots of text on the home page while the other designers wanted a sharp, clean looking site. Here are a few of the original mock-ups we made:

Initial concept of website was very direct and simple. But there were too many shades of red. In order to keep all audiences happy, we could not heavily depend on just one color in the design.

DigiPixInc-Case-Study-shammysauto-com-website-design-img2-min initial website concept

This second concept was much cleaner. The red was only in the header and footer with a white body of the page. However, Shammy wanted the website to be even bolder in design. We also wanted the website to be mobile friendly and responsive.

DigiPixInc-Case-Study-shammysauto-com-website-design-img3 secondary website concept

The third design (which you will see shortly) got the final approval from all divisions and Shammy. Some people say it is missing those colours and shades that made the logo so exciting. We wanted to show Shammy’s Auto on a larger canvas as a more mature leader in auto detailing. The design of the website has the following parts:

DigiPixInc-Case-Study-shammysauto-com-website-design-img4 website header Desktop snapshot
DigiPixInc-Case-Study-shammysauto-com-website-design-img5 website header Mobile snapshot

The header of the website is the most important part of whole site design. Most often other designers don’t pay attention to this but it is crucial for site as well as business growth. The time, contact and address in header make the website gives better results in SEO as well as reduce the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) from the customers. For example, many people call from the website and instead of asking what service they need, they ask do you provide free estimates? Or free inspection? What time you close or business hours?

So we wanted to put complete information in header, both for desktop and mobile versions of the site. So when customers call, they already know the commonly asks questions.

Menu of website

DigiPixInc-Case-Study-shammysauto-com-website-design-img6 website Menu on Desktop snapshot

Menu of the website plays major role in site flow. It needs to be simple and straight forward. Too many words in menu can cause confusion. You use the menu to access almost every part of the site such as package deals, reviews and what services are offered.

We attempt to make different site
than the traditional auto industry

On the Mobile phone, the menu looks beautiful as well

DigiPixInc-Case-Study-shammysauto-com-website-design-img7 website Mobile menu snapshot

Slider of website

Website’s slider plays an important role in website decoration as well as bringing latest updates and promotions on the site. Consider this as small Power Point presentation for your business. We used industry’s leading slider by bringing clean look with shadows on desktop and no shadows on Mobile.

DigiPixInc-Case-Study-shammysauto-com-website-design-img8 website slider snapshot

Menu of the website plays major role in site flow. It needs to be simple and straight forward. Too many words in menu can cause confusion. You use the menu to access almost every part of the site such as package deals, reviews and what services are offered.

We attempt to make different site
than the traditional auto industry

On the Mobile phone, the slider looking clean without shadows

DigiPixInc-Case-Study-shammysauto-com-website-design-img9 slider on Mobile Phone snapshot

Body of website Home page

The major part designing the landing (Home) page of a website is crucial for SEO, site flow and user experience. We wanted to give users the maximum amount of information with minimum clutter by maintaining a responsive layout for mobile and tablet users.

DigiPixInc-Case-Study-shammysauto-com-website-design-img10 website body Desktop snapshot

During the design, we wanted to make sure that we didn’t bring the services too early onto the page. That comes off as desperate for business. Instead we offer alternate reads such as case studies (like the one you are reading now) and an introduction to what Shammy’s is. Follow this up with videos from the organization itself and you get an idea of who they are and how committed they are to their business.

DigiPixInc-Case-Study-shammysauto-com-website-design-img11 website brining key services initially snapshot

We brought 3 major services first: Auto Detailing, Rust Proofing and Remote Car Starter before other services.

DigiPixInc-Case-Study-shammysauto-com-website-design-img12 website brining key services initially snapshot

Then there is a page dedicated to all of the services that Shammy’s provides. The top 10 services out of the 24 offered are shown with photos and an explore button for further information about the service.

DigiPixInc-Case-Study-shammysauto-com-website-design-img13 website FAQs and Testimonials

The section after the major services has FAQs and Testimonials. It is important to engage the client on the home page and let them read about the services and brand before they make any decisions.

DigiPixInc-Case-Study-shammysauto-com-website-design-img14 website management and clients snapshot

Further into the site we introduce the owner and management team. When you put a face to the business, you can easily build a relationship between the business and your clientele. This also shows that this business is growing by showing more than just the owner and also the depth of care brought to customer service.

We were going to show awards in the banner below the pictures of the management team, but it has less value when gaining visitor trust. We chose to use car dealerships in Pickering and Ajax to show that Shammy’s is a big business that maintains the high level of quality in these auto dealerships.

DigiPixInc-Case-Study-shammysauto-com-website-design-img15 website call to action on Home page snapshot

The contact button is also important because it allows casual visitors to leave a note or message without calling or texting directly. This makes it easier for clients to leave information or questions and then follow that up later on.

DigiPixInc-Case-Study-shammysauto-com-website-design-img16 website footer on Desktop

Lastly, the footer is the final piece of the puzzle. Like any good story, you need a beginning, middle and end. We needed to make sure to inspire the customers in the beginning and ending the most. The footer has the complete information setup that could not fit into the rest of the website. The contact information is complete with all related links such as Facebook, Twitter and car gallery photos that were detailed at Shammy’s

DigiPixInc-Case-Study-shammysauto-com-website-design-img17 website footer on Mobile

We also delivered branding, photography, video and technology advice for Shammy’s Auto.

Written By: Khurram Qureshi
Director and web consultant of DigiPix Inc.


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