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Every successful business has a plan on how to deal with customers, lenders, investors and supplies on a level that they will understand. But the people who keep these things going are the designing, developing and marketing teams who design and maintain your website.

Online reputation management and business image is critical in today’s market for all companies big and small. Companies realized that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Management) are of vital importance.

Plan your online marketing goals and hit the right target
Many elements required to make your internet marketing a success

DigiPix Inc. is one of the few companies who designed the website content, graphical interface, filmed video segments then published and marketed all of this professionally. Sharing someone else’s content on your Facebook has little value. You bring attention to someone else’s brand instead of yours. Statistics show that people share content very often, especially through photos and video. Having quality video segments makes your business look good to people who want a nice summary about what your business is all about. It is like a short movie trailer for your business.

Quality content created with photos,
videos, blogging & social media postings

Internet marketing is something your business needs to do. Which is why elements such as a mobile friendly website, responsive design, SMM, blogging & online networking and marketing need to be updated and/or maintained on a regular basis.

DigiPix Inc. offers a complete online marketing package using OnPage SEO, OffPage SEO, Google Adwords and social media paid advertising and management. We have quality SEO and SMM for Click on Shammy’s Auto social media links in footer to check out.

We also delivered branding, photography, video and technology advice for Shammy’s Auto.

Written By: Khurram Qureshi
Director and web consultant of DigiPix Inc.


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Khurram Qureshi started DigiPix Inc. in year 2005. The company has grown from video editing to professional photography, video production & post production, website designs, 3D Animations, marketing & branding. We offer our customers unmatched quality with exceptional customer service. We deal each client like it’s our only client. Call DigiPix Inc. today at 416-900-5825

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