Shammy’s Auto Logo Design

Retro Concept of Shammy’s Logo

When we got the assignment of rebranding Shammy’s Auto in Pickering, we were requested to make something out of the ordinary. Our design team did the research and came up with options for retro, classic and modern logo designs. All logos were custom designed by us.

This logo below shows a simple car with no branding or influence or other manufacturers. The left side is dark to show the car being dirty while the right side is clean after the services that Shammy’s can provide.

Seal of Protection by Shammy’s

The arched writing of both the title and tagline show how Shammy’s Can protect your vehicle. The ribbon also gives this logo a feeling of guarantee and approval so that trust is built between Shammy and his customers.

Given three concepts of logos with extra
ordinary detail helps Shammy’s brand

The classic logo was difficult. There are numerous shading techniques in the editing process that were complicated. We researched cars to base the classic logo off of and chose to use a 1950s Ford Thunderbird from the side view. Ford Thunderbird is all time American Classic.

Ford’s Thunderbird 1955 illustration from side view

From bumper to bumper, the shadows and shading made the car look 3D and really pop off the logo as something important. Since we are showing the design of a car from the 50s, it made sense to use a 50s-style font as well. As you can see, the classic car with the classic font makes for an elegant, eye-catching logo.

Classic concept of Shammy’s Logo

The shield on which Ford Thunderbird was standing were also kept simple but in two shades. Upon looking closely you will notice that it is a balance design of 3 tires. Yes, the grey quarter circle is the spare tire of Thunderbird. The shield also kept in dark red left side and light red on right side for the vision of car comes in Shammy’s dirty and leave shiny.


Shammy’s Auto logo close up

This logo seems simpler from the classic one. But log of thought went into designing this one. First off, we wanted to design the logo without car to distinguish between retro and classic examples. But designed need to also show car’s some feature to relate with auto industry. We decide to give name a proper position in the logo vs the car or car part.

First we were thinking to keep the word Auto center, but letter ‘y’ was taking the right hand side and over taking the word Auto. We decided to keep the Auto on top of ‘y’ and make it slightly smaller than Shammy’s word.

Logo’s Grill

While this logo may seem simpler than the classic logo, a lot of thought when into the design. We designed this logo without a car to distinguish it from the retro and classic examples. But we still included a car feature in the background of the logo. The grill of the car is the most prominent feature when viewing the car from the front. We blended it in with the large, shiny letters and made it feel that Shammy’s Auto is just as important as a part of your car.

The modern car grill is bold statement of the car’s look and with intense research we decided to go with Chrysler 300 grill because it’s masculine, powerful, strong and give the culture of bold and bigger grill design for Automotive industry since 2005. The popular design of Chrysler’s 300 grill set the standard for other cars to follow and now you can see it everyone using big grills whether it is Bentley, Cadillac Escalade, Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Spark, Cruze and Nissan Sentra are the name of few examples.

The tagline was not decided until after the logo was made. We wanted to tie the tagline into the logo but not give it more attention than the title. By bolding the type of the tagline and keeping it at a smaller font, the tagline becomes important but it is not bigger than the title.

Shammy’s Auto logo tagline placement

The final logos were delivered in two forms, Red Background and White Background.

Shammy’s Auto logo in Red background
Shammy’s Auto logo in White Background

We also delivered branding, photography, video and technology advice for Shammy’s Auto.

Written By: Khurram Qureshi
Director and web consultant of DigiPix Inc.


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