DigiPix Inc. offers great design services to construction and renovation industries. Our beautiful 3D renderings, Animation and VR are easy for clients to understand the project.
Photorealistic animation and VR services will boost sales through tradeshows and in-person meetings.

3D Modeling

3D Modeling and high-quality renders are important for understanding and evaluation of construction projects. 3D renderings are helpful for client satisfaction in presentations, print campaigns, online marketing and lawn signs. DigiPix works with architects, drafters and interior designers to enhance the 3D modeling with step by step process for accuracy and photo-realistic rendered images.

Basic rendering to show item separation by different colour coding

Plans or drawing received from Architects or Drafters

Photo realistic rendering with shadows, reflections and refractions

Kitchen render displays variance for lighting between floor and roof

Highlighting the precision for cabinets and appliances

Lighting of the pool at night adds value to the home design

Showcases the living room with peripheral view

Captures the angle between kitchen and living room

Rear of the home showcasing pot lights and pool

Evening to night setting rendering adds value to the model home

Rear perspective of the home with photo realistic lighting including neighborhood render

Enhanced capture by Google Earth to include precision with realistic surroundings of neighborhood

3D Animation

The most exciting part of the 3D process is watching it in Animation. After the modeling process is completed we set the parameters in 3D Animation with advanced texturing, lighting, shadows and animation. We use multiple cinema quality software like Autodesk MAX, Maya, Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. Our high-quality process leaves no details behind in producing photorealistic 3D animations.

Sam’s Bathroom Renovation

Maria’s Kitchen Renovation

784 Perseden Rd., Mississauga
Home Rebuild – Exterior only

Custom Home in Hastings, ON
Exterior + Interior

3D VR (Virtual Reality)

3D Virtual Reality is gaining popularity every day. WebGL browser based VR enables viewing on mobile devices and it is growing exponentially. As the quality of VR is getting better rapidly we continually upgrade our models to reflect the changes. VR on WebGL works seamlessly on end-user mobile devices without the installation of extra technological requirements like the plugin, API or Mobile App.

Kitchen VR

Custom Home VR

Bathroom VR

Wooden Shelf with Hidden Cabinets VR



After completion of the project it is important to take photos of the finished project while it is fresh. These photos become important for print to online campaigns. The following are few photos of the finished property with no editing.

67 Thickson Rd., Whitby

110 Queen St., Brooklyn

Video Production

Videos are dynamic, attractive and more powerful than photos. We take the time to make our videos more impactful to please the client. The following are a few examples:

41 Broeadmead Ave., Toronto

3117 Hiram Terrace, Oakville

Multi Homes & Aerial Filming

Before & After or Comparisons

Before and after comparisons are excellent when comparing past & present. It can be used as a tool to show the transformation of ideas and renovation project. This can also be used for rendering comparisons of different colour schemes and virtual staging.

Compare 2D Drawing with Basic 3D Color Coded Model


Advanced Render vs Photo Realistic Render


Compare Google Street View with upcoming project in 3D rendering


Front Side North Elevation and High-End Render


Perspective View Wireframe & Low Poly Render