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DigiPix Inc. offers great design services to the construction and renovation industries. Our beautiful 3D renderings, Animation and VR allow your clients to easily understand their project.
Photo-realistic animation and VR services will boost sales through in-person meetings and trade shows.

3D Modelling

3D Modelling and high-quality renderings are important to the understanding and evaluation of construction projects. 3D renderings of 3D designs help with client satisfaction in presentations, print campaigns, online marketing and lawn signs. DigiPix Inc. works with architects, drafters and interior designers to enhance the 3D modelling with a step-by-step process to deliver accuracy and photo-realistic rendered images.

Plans or drawing received from Architects or Drafters

Basic rendering to show item separation by different color coding

Photo realistic rendering with shadows, reflections and refractions

Kitchen rendering displays the variance of lighting between the floor and the ceiling

Rendering of the placement of cabinets, counters and appliances

A rendering showing the kitchen and living room

Rear perspective of the home with natural lighting and surrounding neighborhood

Front of home in evening with outdoor pot lights on

Rear of home showcasing pool and outdoor pot lighting

Rear of home showcasing pool and outdoor pot lighting

3D Animation

The most exciting part of the 3D process is watching the final animation. After the modelling process is completed, we set the parameters in 3D Animation with advanced texturing, lighting, shadows and animation. We use multiple cinema quality software programs like Auto desk MAX, Maya, Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. Our high-quality process covers every detail when producing photo realistic 3D animations.

Sam’s Bathroom Renovation

Maria’s Kitchen Renovation

784 Perseden Rd., Mississauga
Home Rebuild – Exterior only

Custom Home in Hastings, ON
Exterior + Interior

3D VR (Virtual Reality)

3D Virtual Reality in 3D designs is gaining in popularity daily. WebGL browser-based VR now enables viewing on mobile devices. As the quality of VR increases we continually upgrade our production standards to reflect the changes. VR on WebGL works seamlessly on end-user mobile devices without the installation of extra technological requirements like plugins, API or Mobile Apps.

Kitchen VR

Custom Home VR

Bathroom VR

Wooden cabinet with hidden drawers and cupboards VR



After the completion of any project, it is important to take photos of the finished project while it is still fresh. These photos can be used in print and online campaigns. The following 3D designs of unedited images are of finished projects.

67 Thickson Rd., Whitby

110 Queen St., Brooklyn

 Video Production

Videos are dynamic and more powerful than photos. At DigiPix Inc. we take the time to make our videos more impactful for 3D designs. The following are examples.

41 Broadmead Ave., Toronto

3117 Hiram Terrace, Oakville

Multi-Home and Aerial Filming

Before & After or Comparisons

Before and after comparisons are an excellent way to compare the past to the present.

Comparisons can be used as a tool to show the transformation of the renovation project. They can also be used to compare different color schemes and virtually staged settings for 3D designs.


Comparing a 2D Drawing with a Basic 3D Color Coded Model


Comparison of an architectural drawing to a 3D Rendering – Drag the arrows left or right


Advanced Rendering vs Photo Realistic Rendering


Comparison of a Wireframe View drawing to a 3D RenderingDrag the arrows left or right


Perspective Wireframe view with the 3D rendering


Comparison of Google Street View to a rendering in 3D Drag the arrows left or right

Time Lapse

It is the process where you set up the camera for longer activity to see the progress in seconds. The following is an example of filming we did for the “Honda Canada Manufacturing” Christmas party, where we used:

  • Still and motion time-lapse
  • LED screens as backdrops
  • Capturing three-day highlights in 3 minutes

Archiving Property Video

Protect your company from unwanted lawsuits by the homeowner. There could be an instance where after several months of living in the property the homeowner may condemn the project. Therefore having a professionally filmed video with installation highlights to maximize details (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, boiler, heater and AC) will be helpful. It is recommended that the Project Manager or Operations Manager accompany the videographer on site for recording with voiceover. They can discuss impeding factors of the project (e.g. weather, land issue, quality of material or installation issues). These videos become important and essential to protect the company’s brand and workmanship. Our professionalism will help to keep the transparency and quality in the videos especially when filming in tight, dark and hard to reach spaces.


3D Design Services

Showcase the quality of your business with a stunning website. The full capacity of all mediums from renderings to animations and videos to VR works perfectly on the internet browser.

Touch Screen & LED Display walls

Touch screens displays can elevate your business to the next level. Instead of print banners as a backdrop use LED screens for trade show booth walls. This will engage the audiences with interactive touchscreen TV by showcasing video, 3D Animation, Before/After and VR.

We partner with businesses that install touchscreen displays and LED video walls.

Touch screen displays provided by our partner.

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